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  • March 2015, Norwood Tea Harvester visits Fairtrade Tea Workshops in the Netherlands - Read More
  • February 2015, Norwood Estate takes ‘Bronze’ at the “Ceylon Speciality Estate Tea of the Year” - Read More
  • December 2014, Construction of the New Valley Factory Child Development Center - Read More
  • April 2014, Purified Drinking Water Project - Read More
  • January 2014 , Construction of the ‘Child Friendly Space” - Read More
  • January 2014, Organic Fruit and Vegetable Garden - Read More
  • September 2014, Australian Fine Food Exhibition - Read More

Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC

The golden valley of Bogawantalawa has been the home of finest Ceylon Tea since 1869, producing over 7.45 million KGs of tea per annum from 11 premium tea estates.

Perfect micro climatic conditions enable us to make single estate teas with unique characteristics, making Bogawantalawa Tea Estates PLC a forerunner in the tea industry.

Our world renowned teas and our state of the art processing facilities makes us your unique tea partner.

Bogawantalawa - Certifications

Throughout the entire supply chain our aim is to perpetuate customer satisfaction. The above international certifications for quality assurance, origin traceability, and food hygiene bear testimony to this.